Friday, January 16, 2015

Reality of Islam in the world

Sharia Law is a danger to everything we hold dear and sacred in the United States.  

There is a huge mistaken belief that Islam is a peaceful culture and religion.  Nothing is further from the truth.  Radical Muslims are trying to get Sharia Law approved in various US states and other countries.  Alabama voters recently voted against it.  Wise choice.

Once upon a time these Islamic beliefs weren’t such a problem for the US because Islamic countries were more primitive, backward and restricted to their Mid-Eastern regions, but now they have the means, capability and fanatical desire to be more global in their hostile actions. 

In short, we are targeted more by Islam and it will only get worse.  They want to kill all infidels and that is how they see Americans.  We continue to be too politically correct with all immigrants entering the US and it is a big mistake.

The world has become smaller and we must become more alert and ready to eliminate every and any threat.  There is no alternative.

Anyone who doesn't see Islam as a huge threat to the US is extremely naive or lying to themselves and to others.  I include President Barack Obama in that description.

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