Friday, October 11, 2013

Texas AG and candidate for Governor Greg Abbott pushes to transfer water

Republican Greg Abbott, who was the first to lay claim to the 2014 gubernatorial race in Texas, wants to transfer water from one place to another as the best and immediate plan to help ease water shortages throughout the state.

Firstly, why is it okay when Republicans want to propose government gets more involved in our daily lives?  When the Democrats do it, Republicans raise holy hell.
World's largest desalination plant in Saudi Arabia

Secondly, transferring water removes water from where it is needed.

Thirdly, this is no long-term solution.  It may not even be a short term solution.  If it doesn't rain, the problems grow.

Furthermore, if government wants to get involved, which it shouldn't, why aren't we developing rain water catching options along with water desalination plants to turn salt water into fresh water? 

Yes, it costs a lot of money currently, so reward private companies who invent cheaper ways of doing it.  These 2 methods would go a longer and better way towards solving our fresh water issues than simply transferring water from one area to another.

Gregg Abbott continues to show us that he is NOT the best solution for Texas when it comes to choosing a candidate for Governor and neither is his proposal sound that would transfer water from one area of Texas to another.  However, it is a grand plan for wealthy special interests to collect more profits without ensuring a long-term supply of water for Texans.

Texans often seem to settle in their choices for political candidates and it's time to make a more intelligent selection.  Unfortunately, so far there is only a handful of mediocre candidates for Texans to consider for Governor.   Hopefully, other more qualified candidates will emerge.

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