Thursday, October 10, 2013

Texans, please vote 'No' on Proposition 6 in 2013 November election


At first the words in Proposition 6 may sound very appealing, but the words do NOT give you the real facts.

"Texans for Public Justice provided a very helpful analysis today of the big money backing Prop 6.  It is another scam by businesses who are trying to buy this election to control the purse for water projects.  The two largest contributors are Associated General Contractors ($375K) and Dow Chemical ($250K).  Do you think they care about affordability or ensuring independent farming doesn’t completely tank in Texas after they move groundwater or flood agricultural land for wasteful reservoirs?"

The helpful organization Independent Texans also is AGAINST Prop. 6 and you can read about what the group and founder Linda Curtis says here.

I just completed early voting and definitely voted against Prop 6 because it's just another special interest ploy that will hurt most Texans.  I recall the last time Rick Perry galloped around Texas pushing for various propositions.  One of them was to ensure that preventing frivolous lawsuits would surely cut down on our medical costs.  Well, look around you folks... have your medical bills and health care premiums gone down???

No, they continue to escalate even without "the dreaded" Obamacare takes effect.

So, please vote a resounding "No!" on Proposition 6...  Thank you.

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