Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Power Company Politics in Texas...

 Little oversight of power companies is hurting customers, but it's an old story.

The battle re: regulation/deregulation of power companies has been going on for decades; meanwhile, consumers continue to pay top dollar for their energy needs and are powerless [pun intended] in fighting against them.

In addition, cooperatives, e.g., Pedernales Electric, march to the tune of other laws than do other companies. Furthermore, there are monopolies who control providing power in various areas, so customers don't even get to pick and choose their power companies.

There needs to be some intelligent regulation over power companies since they will not regulate themselves in a pro-customer manner. People should be able to select who their power source will be and how much they must pay for it.   Right now that ain't happening.

Since the battle remains stagnant, it's up to  Texans to demand legislators to deal rationally with energy companies by enacting laws that provide minimal yet intelligent oversight.

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