Thursday, April 11, 2013

Karl Rove: Gypsy Fortuneteller?

In his recent article Karl Rove tells us that Democrats are going to lose seats in 2014.  Why would ANYONE believe ANYTHING Karl Rove has to say? His inaccuracy is legendary. We need only look to back at his vehement opinion that Obama would not win certain states in the last election. He was dead wrong.

While I am not happy with the Democrats and Obama, I'm equally discouraged with the Republicans. The 2-party system has failed most Americans on so many urgent issues from health care to illegal immigration.

What did Bush and the Republicans do for us on the same issues. Nothing, which is why we are in such a mess. Obama merely added to an already dismal American status.

Can't we get any real leadership to resolve our urgent issues instead of all of them playing politics with each other and getting rich from special interests?

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