Thursday, April 18, 2013

Driver's licenses for illegal immigrants in Texas?

re: House Bill 3206
House Bill 3206 is being pushed in the Texas State Legislature to provide ILLEGAL immigrants with a driver’s license so they may drive legally throughout the state, and therefore, legally in other states.  It is being touted as a different license from the regular Texas License for citizens; however, it gives illegals the right to drive here and to purchase auto insurance.  Fact is it also acknowledges and gives them the right to live here ILLEGALLY.
I wrote the following email to Texas House Speaker Joe Straus and to my state legislators, Senator Donna Campbell and Rep. Jason Isaac.  I feel strongly about my comment and urge you to contact the Speaker and your own legislators to stop HB 3206 and any other similar bill from being approved. 
This is NOT a racist comment.  It is comment regarding our immigration laws and the need to enforce them.
If you feel differently, that is your right, but I urge you to reconsider the repercussions of approving the bill.
To Texas Legislators:
As your constituent and campaign supporter, I expect you to vote against House Bill 3206 or any similar bill that pushes to provide ILLEGAL immigrants with a Texas license.  I also expect you to vote against any other bill that provides ILLEGAL immigrants in the US with any perks or opportunities without first becoming legal citizens.
ILLEGAL is ILLEGAL!  No rights, no perks.

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