Saturday, April 27, 2013

How to pay for Texas roadways...

I recommend the following collection of options that should all be used together to get Texas back on track with paying for roadways:

Ways to pay for roads
  • Increase the frozen gas tax from 20 cents to 30 cents
  • Charge a 2 cent road tax on all service invoices
  • Use part of the tax on tobacco, cigarettes, cigars and alcohol strictly for roads and/or charge 1 cent more as a road tax on those items
  • Increase sales tax half a cent to go towards road building and maintenance
  • Use a minimum of $500 million of the Rainy Day Fund for roadways
  • Charge 1 cent for every dollar spent on a lottery ticket for roads
  • Charge a $1 monthly road payment fee on every new car loan
  • Charge a $1 road fee per day on a hotel or motel room
  • Restructure TxDOT to cut waste of Texas tax dollars
  • Eliminate the CTRMA to save tax dollars, since toll roads are not needed
  • Start paying off road debt of bonds and loan packages
  • Stop tolls and road bond packages completely; these are private roads for the elite and NOT for all Texans.
Using all of the above will provide adequate tax revenue to build and maintain our roadways WITHOUT building toll roads and/or road bond packages.

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