Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Beef Products Inc. closes it's 'Pink Slime' factories...


08:16 on 27 March 2012
The company has been on the defensive since the Meat Industry's most secretive money saving ploy was unmasked one week ago.  Beef Products Inc. started closing its factories this week, while supermarkets and fast food restaurants stopped using its "Pink Slime" product.

For more info on "Pink Slime" beef filler in your hamburgers, see my previous article on the topic, Tainted Beef:  The 'Pink Slime' scam now playing in your neighborhood...

One of the company's arguments is that it's "lean beef substitute is 100% beef" and asks what should it call the product since "it is 100% beef?"

I say that the ingredients should show Ammonia on the package so that American consumers know that "the 100% beef" is treated with the chemical.  Consumers should also be informed as to how much of the packaged beef is actual ground beef vs. "Pink Slime" substitute.


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