Wednesday, November 16, 2011

There is a Plan to Let the IRS Do Your Taxes?

Yes, according to an article in Fox News, there is a plan that let's the IRS do people's taxes so that folks won't have to do their own income taxes.  "Crazy" you say?  Maybe crazy like a fox.

In the midst of an economic meltdown it is not surprising that both parties are fighting to get more money from taxpayers without actually raising taxes.  One of the ways to do that may be to provide some government services at a cost to those who opt for them.

But here's the kicker.  The GOP says that the proposed plan by the Democrats supposedly launched to help poor people do their taxes is actually a scam to charge the poor to have Uncle Sam provide the service to do the taxes.

So, is it a true service that Democrats want to provide citizens or is the GOP correct that it is merely a way for charging taxpayers for the service?

You have to wonder why the GOP suddenly is so concerned about poor people paying more money to the government when that simply is NOT the usual occurrence.  You can bet the farm that most wealthy people do NOT do their own taxes.  They surely have top accountants and/or tax consultants doing their taxes.

Another thought I have is whether having the IRS do your taxes actually is an invasion of your privacy by a government agency, even if the service is optional?  Also, isn't that a conflict of interest?

Furthermore, does the IRS have the responsibility or right under the laws of our Constitution to perform such a tax "service" for taxpayers?

The above is especially a concern when we consider that there are groups throughout the nation who state that the very existences of the IRS is unconstitutional.

It will be interesting to see how the plan will progress, as it is interesting that the GOP appears to be against the plan.

How do you feel about the IRS doing your income taxes and also that the agency may charge a fee for doing so?

Don't be surprised if the Democrats and/or the GOP continue to propose more unusual and creative ways to take more money from taxpayers.

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