Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Texas state Senator Kel Selig wants to increase the number of senators???

Senator Kel Selig is a member of the Texas Senate with a bad idea....

Currently the Senator is on a personal quest, pushing for more senators in the Texas Legislature.  Since Texas is predominately Republican, it is an obvious political ploy to strengthen the GOP stronghold.

Whatever reason he has, it is a bad proposal for several reasons.

Sen. Selig represents an unusually formatted district from Amarillo down to Midland.  The Senator's latest proposal is a slap-in-the-face of the state Constitution and Texas citizens.  He wants to add more Senators to the Legislature.  Just what we need!

In my humble opinion, it would be far better to reduce the number of elected officials we have in all facets of Government.  We are in the economic and social messes we find ourselves mostly due to political agendas and big money purchasing our elected officials.  It's time to reduce the mess we are in and we should start with Washington D.C. and then trickle down to state and local government.

In short, we need less government NOT more!

Here is the letter I sent off to Senator Selig re: his proposal:

Dear Senator Kel Seliger:

With all due respect sir, you are a member of the Republican Party, the party that is dedicated to less government --- NOT more government.

You should be advocating DECREASING the number of legislators in the House AND the Senate so that the political game playing may become lessened. I urge you to reconsider this foolish proposition and please do the job that you were voted-in to do: to act in the BEST interests of the Texas community and not add to its problems. What you advocate is historically AGAINST the GOP platform.

Respectfully yours,

Peter Stern
Please join me in personally "applauding" Senator Kel Selig for such an odious proposal.  We don't need any more clowns in the Texas Legislature, do we?
Senator Kel Selig's contact information may be viewed at his site:
You will see a bio and further down the page there is an email contact section and a list of his regular mail addresses.
Let's not permit Selig to get his proposal approved.

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