Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Austin American-Statesman ABSURDLY tells voters to approve ALL 10 Proposed Constitutional Amendments

The Statesman Editorial Staff shows how out-of-touch it is with its approval of ALL the Propositions on the Texas November ballot and which highlights that the newspaper obviously does NOT work in the best interests of the community.

How is it possible that the Statesman determined to tell voters that the bond issues for Travis County are good for the people? Property values have increased in most of Travis County year after year and consequently property taxes continue to escalate to where they are now already unaffordable. Any bond issue will again increase property taxes. There are several bond issues proposed in several of the propositions.

In addition, the editorial did not permit any comments. So, the Editorial Staff made certain that no one could write any disagreement or alternative opinion. THAT is absurd. It is as though the Statesman has a direct line to God and is all-knowing. With this action the Statesman newspaper promotes a police state, where only its own opinion is the right one. Bad move for a newspaper!

In my humble opinion, it seems as though the City of Austin, Travis County and the Austin American-Statesman want to force-out the poorer and middle classes from their homes and property to bring in the more wealthy residents these entities would prefer living in the city and county.

The only proposition worth any merit on the November ballot is Proposition 1, which transfers a 100 percent disabled veteran's total property tax exemption to the spouse after the veteran’s death for as long as the person resides there.

The rest of the 10 Proposed Constitutional Amendments are special interest directed and are NOT in the best interests of the Texas community at-large.

The Editorial Staff of the Statesman are either themselves motivated by special interests, or they may have been duped by the wording of each proposition, or they are inept as thinking editors.

Of the 10 Proposed Constitutional Amendments ONLY Prop 1 is worthy for voters to approve. ALL of the remaining 10 Propositions are special interest directed and voters should vote AGAINST them.

To read my opinions on all 10 of the Propositions and how I see them, please go to:

Voters historically approve most Proposed Constitutional Amendments. The majority of Propositions are motivated by wealthy special interests. Most propositions are bad for the Texas community. Voters need to become more intelligent on the issues and not merely approve all Propositions simply because they are told to, or perhaps are being misled by the wording of each Proposition.


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