Monday, August 8, 2011

THE WORLD IS AN ANGRY PLACE: Political, Social and Economic Unrest Spreading Throughout the World

The U.S. is NOT Immune and Worse News May Be Coming Our Way

by Peter Stern

If the U.S. economy is falling apart there is no hope for the rest of the world.  In the United Kingdom there has been unrest, protesting and looting. The political climate in the Mid-East (Syria, Egypt, Yemen, etc.) is a hot-bed of violence.  It seems that chaos is spreading around the globe. Few places are immune to joblessness, hunger, oppression, anger and violence.

Here at home, we are subject to the same turmoil. It is unclear exactly how long our nation’s leaders believe the majority of Americans will permit the political, economic and social atrocities to continue.  U.S. citizens have started to feel the same type of frustration, hunger, fear and anger with their leaders that are similarly felt by citizens of other nations throughout the World.

In London police arrested 215 rioters in the third consecutive day of unrest.  In Bahrain people are demanding equal rights and jobs; however, government armies have brutally beaten members of peaceful demonstrations and the hospitals are filled with bleeding men, women and children who have been in the wrong place at the wrong time.  In Syria, tanks were sent into various cities killing and injuring many protesters.  Throughout the Middle East, Africa, Europe and Asia there are signs of unrest, anger and violence.

See deadly violence video of Bahrain:

How long before such protests and violence occur within our nation is anyone’s guess, but many believe the violence is preconceived and premeditated by those in power.  Some political followers believe that the violence will arrive in the U.S. as the 2012 elections begin.

While I am not writing this to scare people, it is important to look at the World around us and realize that we have fallen as a nation.  We are closer to our World brothers and sisters than we think.  Our leaders have closed their eyes to the plight of the majority of Americans and they have failed us.  Are those closed eyes part of a premeditated assault by those in power?  Is it merely coincidental that rioting is occurring all over the World at an alarming rate?  Do Americans believe that our nation is immune to further unrest and chaos?

Maybe we all need to get smarter faster. Maybe we need to push our leaders to make long needed changes that benefit all of us and NOT just the reigning wealthy.  Maybe our dismal economy and the current World unrest are signals that we must heed. Our future and very existence are in question.


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