Tuesday, August 30, 2011

New Voucher Program Causes Chaos in Indiana Public Schools

Do you recall one of my previous articles asking if we are all viewing the end of public education???  (view it on this blog site)

Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels, a Republican, signed-off on a state-wide voucher program bill this past May and the result is chaos.  Thousands of parents are pulling their kids from public schools and are placing them in private schools, of which many are Christian-based institutions that previously were sparsely populated.

The result is that the Exodus of children is taking a large chunk of tax dollars from public education and transferring them to the private schools.

Those opposed to the voucher program are stating that it is a violation of the laws separating religion from state to permit the tax dollars to be given to Christian schools.

Here in Texas, if Governor Rick Perry and his "merry band of " Texas Legislators have their way, a voucher program will be initiated in the next legislative session with the ongoing verbal and huge monetary support from the wealthy elite, e.g., millionaire Dr. James Leininger who has been "foaming at the mouth" for the past decade trying to bring a voucher program to Texas.  They may all get their wish soon, but it will create chaos here as well.


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