Friday, August 12, 2011

Religion Continues to Capture and Dominate the Political News

Enough is Enough!

by Peter Stern

The news is filled with the religious overtones and affiliations of Texas Governor Rick Perry, GOP Primary Candidate Michelle Bachmann and others.  However, the news should NOT focus on the religious aspect of these people in their political run for office.  It is melodrama that should NOT be part of politics.

Above all, it emphasizes or highlights why religion must be kept separate from state affairs.  Our revolutionary leaders were brilliant in many ways.  If the Religious Right gets its way we will all bow down to its desire to get its philosophy, religion, school textbooks, social rulings, etc., as part of our nation's norm.

I am totally AGAINST that effort and so should all of you.

The main problem currently is that the Religious Right does NOT comprise the majority of Americans AND its efforts in politics are against the Constitution as our leaders had intended.

The Right already has the freedom to live and worship, and can practice anything it wants under the Constitution.  It can have its own schools, churches and religious and social philosophies. Its members can fit in socially however they want to.  They don't want abortions? Fine. The members should not have them.

***However, they cannot and should not be allowed to dictate how other Americans must live or act or fit in with their agendas.  If they run for political office, they should keep their religion out of our national business.  Currently, Perry and his religious brigade are NOT doing that.

We should all fight this religious affront to the death!   Our forefathers would expect us to.


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