Sunday, May 8, 2011

U.S. needs intensive care

Can the U.S. afford it on Obama-care?

by Peter Stern

It is no secret that the majority of Americans are hurting these days. There are no jobs, the quality of education continues to deteriorate for the most part, few are paying their fair share in income taxes but are paying more property taxes and other taxes and fees.

Illegal immigrants are gaining in number and are permitted to stay here while being offered services that formerly were only for U.S. citizens. We're told their children must not suffer because their parents are illegally here. I'm trying to make some sense out of that, but have a hard time doing so. Because of lax oversight and enforcement of our perhaps antiquated immigration laws, it became an "us vs. them" mentality.

Obama turned out to be a poor president and his "Obama-care" is a farce, but still is being pushed down our throats. He is still better than had McCain and Palin taken the office, but we all are hurting from increasing national debt and income tax cuts. How does a nation pay off huge debt with increasing expenditures and tax cuts. It makes absolutely no sense, but that's what our "leaders" are doing.

Our troops are scattered all over the globe fighting various battles and training insurgents of various countries. We are spread thinly and foolishly. It costs too much of our tax dollars to continue to do this.

As a nation, we are a mess. Many economists say that the reason we are in trouble financially is because of high gas and oil prices. We are hurting for many more reasons than that.

Our leaders prefer playing politics instead of dealing with some real issues and resolving them. So, as long as the American people permit it, our problems will continue. The GOP and Democrats need to put aside their differences and work to get us all out of the mess we have created. We need to pay off some debt and to do that we need income from taxes. The wealthy need to "bite the bullet" and recognize that they will need to pay taxes. Government and business are destroying the Middle Class, so they had better act quickly on this. The strong Middle Class used to drive the U.S. Now, the elite corporate sector, individuals and their bought politicians dictate our direction.

Our nation is changing rapidly. It may not be for the better, especially for U.S. citizens.

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