Friday, May 27, 2011

TEXAS/U.S. POLITICS: Texas Governor Rick Perry "considers" a run for the Presidency

What did the American people do to deserve this?

by Peter Stern

After 1 year of saying that he is not interested in running for President in 2012, Perry stated that he "will consider" running for President.  Just what Americans need in the White House:  a George W. Bush wannabe.
For a guy who complains that Washington interferes into the daily lives of people and states, the self-proclaimed "King of Texas" and "Secessionist Governor" Rick Perry has continued dramatically to interfere into the daily lives of Texans, especially women.

Perry pushed for the mandatory Sonogram bill, which states that the woman must view the sonogram prior to an abortion and must pay for it herself.  It is not the first time that the governor makes irresponsible and intrusive demands.

Special interests thrive in Texas and they have bought a governor and legislature that acts in their best interests.  The majority of Texans are placed on the back-burners.  Urgent issues remain unresolved because of political muscle flexing and game playing.  There is enough of that in Washington these days and we do NOT need more of that nonsense with a Rick Perry regime.

The good news is that Perry will have to resign as Governor if he runs for President, so, many Texans hope he does.  Just as Perry consistently lied about wanting to run for President and now says he is considering it, he lies about almost everything.  He is delusional, provocative, a bully and an egomaniac --- and those are his better qualities.

It's time he disappears from the political arena.  Let's hope Americans are smart and that even the GOP opts not to support Rick Perry for President.


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