Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Texas GOP Bulldogs Rip Into Travis County

Is there any logical reason to divide Travis into 5 districts?

by Peter Stern

Sure there is, if the GOP wants more power. Apparently it’s not enough that the GOP already has the majority in the Texas House and Senate. Currently Representative Lloyd Doggett is THE [Democrat]Congressman in the Travis district, but the GOP doesn’t like that and wants to horn in and take chunks of it away from Doggett. Travis voters must think a lot of Doggett because they continue to vote for him every time he is up for reelection. The GOP doesn’t like a Democrat being THAT popular.

Having the majority in the Texas House and Senate is NOT enough for the GOP. It wants even more of a majority. “Why?” you may ask? That’s a good question considering the Party of Eisenhower and Reagan can’t resolve most of our urgent issues even with its majority. In fact, the Governor just ordered a Special Legislative Session because so little was accomplished during the regular one.

Dividing one county district into 5 separate districts is an idiot’s dream. Power for power’s sake is never a good idea. It ruins and corrupts individuals, nations and political parties. Anyone reading World history should know that by now. Yet the Texas GOP believes in “Divide and Conquer” is still a good idea. Maybe because public education is hurting so badly in Texas is the reason our GOP legislators don’t recall their history lessons?

Dividing Travis County into 5 districts is just a bad idea and the legislative bulldogs need to forget about it.


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