Monday, April 18, 2011

Republicans Escalate War Against Middle Class and Poor

GOP Cuts: Programs for the Poor and Taxes of the Wealthy
by Peter Stern

Many still do not recognize the new Civil War taking place in the U.S. Instead of North vs. South, the battles focus on the Wealthy and the Poorer population.

This could become deadly for many of us, as the GOP has increased its legislative majority and clout at the national, state and local levels and the party is now looking to cut and/or privatize many long-time very American programs, especially those programs for the elderly and the poor. The programs include Social Security, Medicare for the elderly and disabled and Medicaid for the poor and/or elderly. This is a bad move for most Americans.

Meanwhile, both Republicans and Democrats continue to look for ways to line the pockets of the wealthy and/or the corporate sector, who will reap huge profits and will get more tax breaks. All this while the majority of Americans are trying to hold on to their, jobs, homes, health and their dignity.

Contact the President, your Senators and House Representatives and elected officials and tell them to stop the new Civil War. Tax corporations and the wealthy their true share and cut expenditures in other areas, e.g., providing money, goods and services overseas and slow down the American war machine.

America's government made a commitment to their elderly, disabled and poor. It is time to reaffirm that commitment, NOT destroy it.

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