Friday, April 29, 2011

Conservative vs. Liberals = Outdated Terminology and Political Platforms

The Party we need is called Grounded-Centralists, a.k.a., those who recognized that the 2-party system has destroyed our once great nation. We all need to be centrally grounded. However, no party can deal with the powerful Corporate-Military Complex, which is the true elitist oligarchy that rules the status-quo and direction of our nation.

What we need is nothing short of a revolution and/or governmental/coporate coup by the American people. Will it happen? Probably not. We have permitted the loss of too much of our power. We have looked the other way for too long.

The corporate sector and wealthy individuals rule and nothing will change until we change and eliminate those who control our fate.

The only thing we can do is to scream at our legislators, our Congress. We need to find a way to KILL the power of the Corporate Sector. It may be too late.

We need laws to prohibit large contributions and paybacks. We need more open government. We need to open closed doors. We need to eliminate and prohibit "piggy-backed" bills that add special interest favors onto unrelated bills.

If we can get this done we are on our way to getting back our government.


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