Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ode to Obama: The Poor State of the U.S.

Americans need to stand-up and speak-out against the imbalanced status quo

by Peter Stern

As a nation we are stuck waist-deep in the muck of our own creation. The fact is that currently the U.S. is in worse shape than it was any time during the past decade. An elitist oligarchy is dictating our direction, which includes the destruction of the Middle Class.

President Obama, you promised to create jobs for Americans. That did not happen.

You promised to raise taxes on the wealthy. That did not happen.

What has happened is an insult and all out elitist attack on American citizens.

You say that illegals are just like Americans and should be treated the same. You want to afford them the same rights and freedom. Wrong!  They are NOT the same. American citizens are here legally, while illegals ARE here ILLEGALLY. Accept those who choose the legal route to citizenship. Send illegals back to Mexico.

Use the National Guard along our borders to fight back against the drug gangs entering the U.S. and to return illegals. Send the tab to the Mexican government. Let it pay at least half the cost. Workout an agreement with Mexico to permit our National Guard to chase drug gang members back into Mexico and beyond, into Mexico itself.

Create real jobs jointly with the corporate sector. Create breaks for hiring Americans and building manufacturing plants in the U.S.
Payoff and reduce our national debt to other nations like China and India.

Get more oversight over the Federal Reserve. It is a private and elitist organization that has too much power and has its own special interest agendas.

You promised to cut-down on our war machine. Either obliterate Libyan pro-forces and Qaddafi immediately or leave that nation. Leave Iraq. Leave Afghanistan. Leave the Middle East. Remove most troops, leaving a few to safeguard the oil fields.

You cannot continue to keep America in the "red" with excessive expenditures while maintaining tax cuts and allowing corporations and banks to keep the bail out dollars they received, hoarding the money and investing it, or providing huge payouts to corporate officers and CEOs.

Americans are in worse shape now than when you became President and we are 2nd rate citizens in our own nation.

Stop annihilating the remaining Middle Class and start getting centered and grounded.

You have let down American citizens with your elitist agendas and your pro-illegal immigrant stance and we will not vote for you in 2012. Americans want a REAL response and not your run-of-the-mill political response. We need REAL solutions, not more propaganda.

Congressman and Dr. Ron Paul may be the only REAL American running for President in 2012. Paul is grounded, centered and focused on how to improve our nation’s direction. Support for Dr. Paul is the intelligent alternative.


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