Wednesday, February 4, 2015

US Government misleads on unemployment rate and cost of living adjustment

The US Government has been doing it for generations.  It misleads the American people on many matters but perhaps the worst lies are that unemployment is at 5 percent and the Cost of Living Adjustment is at 1.5 percent.

Both of these government statements are outright lies!

Henry David Thoreau was correct when he stated that "Most men lead lives of quiet desperation."

Americans are hurting.  Approximately 70 percent carry some debt and are living precariously from month to month.
Of course the government rate of unemployment is nonsense.  The real number is up around 20 percent.
Most unemployed are not being calculated because they have been out of work for years.  Many have given up trying to find work.
Furthermore many of the jobs being counted by the government are for less money and/or for part time employees.  Many of those being counted have 2 or more part time jobs.  Many are without benefits.
But this is nothing new.  Government calculations have always been incorrect because they are based on faulty, antiquated and/or illogical formulas.
The same should be said regarding the formula for determining Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) for the Disabled or Disabled Veterans on Social Security Disability and on Veterans Disability.  Both of these categories are paid by the Department of the Treasury.
The formula for this year only raised the COLA 1.5 percent... and that amount is totally wrong.  
In truth, the COLA has risen much more than that, but the antiquated and incorrect formula remains untouched by the President and Congress as it has been ignored for decades.
Consequently millions of Disabled receiving government disability are being short-changed.  Many no longer can afford to live.  Many have become homeless and many more soon will be.
It's time that Congress give the Disabled what they are entitled to for a real and accurate COLA.
It is also time the Congress redetermine an accurate account of the unemployed in our nation.

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