Sunday, June 2, 2013

Governor Rick Perry: the phony legend continues...

Texas Governor Rick Perry has had little or nothing to do with the state of the Texas economy.  Texas is lucky to be a state with successes in gas & oil and technology.  In truth Texas business does well with or without Rick Perry.  Many governors before him set up the wheels in motions and Perry didn't need to do anything to keep them greased.

Now, if you want to discuss the status of the general public re: Rick Perry, that's a whole other cash cow.

Property taxes have steadily increased under Perry to where it is now the 3rd highest in the nation.  Many uneducated in economics claim it to be because Texas has no Personal Income Tax, but Property Taxes are NOT tied to Personal Income Taxes.

Texans pay the 2nd highest Home Insurance Premiums in the nation... right after Florida.  We're told by Perry and the Insurance Industry that it's because of extreme weather here, but in reality, it's because the industry charges whatever it wants to, thanks to very loose legislation and oversight... AND GREED.

A 3rd and 4th example that the main population of Texas is hurting is the extreme increases of higher education tuition and health care...

Now some will say that Perry is trying to decrease the cost of a 4-year degree; however, he was the one who put in motion the deregulation of higher education tuition and since it was approved by the Legislature approx. 3 years ago, the costs skyrocketing at least 4 times in the first year.  Now, after being the one who caused the problem, Perry is trying to be "the hero" by pushing for tuition regulation.

Regarding health care, too many Texans remain without health care and it is NOT because of Obama-care approaching.  It is because of a too industry-friendly Governor and Legislature who permit high premiums costs and ongoing premium increases.

I am all for deregulation, but these days big business is too greedy for profits and the various industries do not maintain intelligent and reality-based oversight over themselves.  In fact, you can go to 4 different hospitals for the same procedure, and pay 4 different total costs without knowing upfront what you will pay for it.  Even restaurants have a menu so you are aware how much a meal will cost you.  There is no "menu" for a hospital.

So, yes... Texas is in better shape than many other states, but it is NOT because of Gov. Rick Perry.  To listen to Rick Perry speak about his "accomplishments" you would think he's the greatest thing "since sliced bread."  But Perry is a legend in his own mind.

The "friendly" big business environment here has been around even longer than the longest serving Governor of Texas and it will be the same long after he is gone.  To try to credit Perry for our success is wrong, even deceitful and a discredit to all Texans.

So, contrary to some popular belief and misconception, Rick Perry does NOT walk on water.

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