Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Gov. Perry beefing-up his own importance...

Perry just focused on fetuses and anti-abortion for his wealthy benefactors
Too focused on fetuses and in beefing up his own importance... Does Texas Governor [and soon to be Presidential candidate] Rick Perry care at all for providing Texas children with affordable health care?  I'm not talking about freebee welfare recipients, I am speaking about health care plans that financially struggling parents buy for their children out of their own pocket.  Most children in Texas do not have adequate health care.
Perry doesn't give a major hoot about unborn or post-born children.  Perry does for Perry’s wealthy campaign contributors.
He also doesn't care about educating them properly.  He permits the State Board of Education, a political and/or religious agency, to govern all education in Texas.  It is set up much like the Federal Government telling the State what it can and can not do. 
Get rid of the SBOE and let local districts govern themselves!  Work with the health care industry to provide adequate and affordable health for all Texas children!

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