Thursday, June 16, 2011


What’s So Special About Another Texas Special Legislative Session?

Answer:   .  Not a Damn Thing.

by Peter Stern

Each Texas Special Legislative Session costs the taxpayers at least $2 MILLION.

I recall several years ago, Governor Rick Perry called for 3 Special Sessions right in a row, mostly to push the redistricting plan that was finally pushed through by none other than the now infamous Congressman Tom DeLay, who came direct from Washington D.C. to stick his prominent federal nose into a state issue.

The 3 aforementioned Special Sessions, totaling $6 MILLION supposedly were held to find resolutions for public education. Of course, not 1 resolution was found and we now are paying for a Special Session to do [in part] the same thing. The truth is that our legislature is NOT interested in fixing public education. The majority GOP wants to privatize public education.

Republicans are in power here in Texas and all they can do is waste tax dollars on wealthy elitist special interests that do little for the Texas community.

Still, the governor and his merry band of legislative and appointed henchmen continue year after year and Texans just don't seem to get any smarter.

Personally, I hope Perry's giant ego under that enormous white Stetson enables him to run for President, so we Texans finally get rid of him as Governor.



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