Sunday, June 19, 2011

Texas Governor Rick Perry is a Legend in His Own Mind

Bending and Hiding the Truth is a Perry Art Form

by Peter Stern

Question:  What do you call an incumbent Governor who wins with a mere 39 percent of the total votes?

Answer:  Texas Governor Rick Perry.

So, why would Perry even consider a run for the presidency in 2012?  The man is delusional.  In his own words, he thinks he is “a prophet” doing God’s work.  Perry has won an unprecedented 4th term as governor because the other Republican and Democratic candidates scare-off Texas voters even worse than Perry does.

Somehow Perry wrote a book against the Federal Government’s intrusion into State’s rights.  However, Perry pushes for the State’s intrusion into the daily lives of Texans, as per his determination in approving the recent law to force all women who seek an abortion to first view a mandatory sonogram.  In 2007, by employing executive order and bypassing the legislature entirely, Perry ordered STD vaccinations to prevent cervical cancer for ALL young girls and then demanded that Medicaid pays for it.

The human papillomavirus(HPV) vaccine is manufactured by Merck & Company, which supports Perry and has contributed large amounts of campaign contributions into Texas politics.  According to a February 03, 2007 article by the Associated Press,

Merck is bankrolling efforts to pass state laws across the country mandating Gardasil for girls as young as 11 or 12.   It doubled its lobbying budget in Texas and has funneled money through Women in Government, an advocacy group made up of female state legislators around the country.
In addition, Merck lobbyist Mike Toomey, is a former Perry Chief of Staff.   Perry’s current Chief of Staff’s mother-in-law is GOP State Representative Dianne White Delisi, who is a state director of Women in Government.  Perry’s special interest ties are well-known to watchful Texans.

Consequently, Rick Perry is a hypocrite when he preaches against federal government involvement and then in the name of his elite supporters, drives to give the State more power in the daily lives of Texans.

During the past 11 years as Governor of Texas, Perry has strengthened his core of special interests and his feels he can do no wrong.  One of his inner core special interests is the Religious Right who shares Perry’s religious convictions against abortion.

One thing U.S. taxpayers do NOT need is another special interest driven Presidential candidate who will make his wealthy special interest supporters richer.   Republican and Democratic voters should look past the Perry hype and see the man for what he is: another bought, special interest driven Texas politician who cares little about resolving the urgent issues and instead caters to the greed and desires of an elitist constituency.


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