Monday, March 7, 2011

Texas sonogram bill shows its true color

by Peter Stern

Okay, so we now see how quickly state legislators can move idiotic bills like the anti-abortion bill through the House and Senate.

Now, we should query why the heck they can't do the same thing with the REAL and urgent issues. Guess the real reason is that they just don't want to. Why else would our problems continue beyond a decade without any significant positive change.

Back in high school during the 1960's we had a word for these types of "do-littles". We called useless people "hooples". It's not dirty name-calling, but it makes the point rather well, even now.

Guess it must be more fun to drool and salivate over a bill that will change absolutely nothing except to intimidate young women who are considering abortions. Abortions that in REALITY concern no one but themselves and their families.

However, our "hands-off Texas, Obama" legislators have absotively NO PROBLEM whatsoever to stick their collective irrational and special interest powered proboscises intrusively into the daily lives of the average woman and man, like a bull ravaging in a China shop. And I say that if Texas legislators continue to play this double-edge sword, then Obama should come down to Texas and go for it. Him and his Washington "hoople" Democrats should come on down and screw with us the way our legislators are screwing with our personal lives.

Voters allow legislators to do so since these self-important, almost useless, bureaucrats get reelected again and again.

So, c'mon Texas legislative "hooples," why don't you do something to really help us? In fact, what have you done for us lately???

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