Sunday, March 27, 2011

American Economy and Political Climate Same Old Song & Dance

Except that It's Worse than in the Past

by Peter Stern

More Americans are out of work than ever before. There are more home foreclosures than ever in our economic history. There are fewer jobs available. Our population is growing daily and we have more illegal immigrants than we have ever had. There are more American dollars leaving our nation and flowing into foreign nations, which further hurts our economic well-being. Our long-term debt to other nations, e.g., China, continues to increase and our future direction is being manipulated and directed by the nations we owe and by our wealthy corporate oligarchy that have their own short-term profiteering as their catalyst.

In short, we don't learn from our past mistakes and we don't develop and follow long-term objectives and goals that would create positive outcomes for the nation and for the American people.

Over-simplification of our plight shows that the American economy and political climate is the same old song and dance, but it is getting worse.

We seem to have more than enough tax dollars to fight wars all over the globe, yet we cannot seem to find the tax dollars to create more jobs, to stop cutting vital public services, which continue to place Americans in dire financial straits.

While our President and Congress are fully aware of the plight of most Americans, they do not seem to care enough to move quickly and resolve some or our major concerns. There is no relief in sight for most Americans. In addition, the once large American middle class has dwindled to an endangered species. Without a strong middle class presence, representative democracy is shifting to the leadership of an elite Corporate/Military Oligarchy that is not very concerned about "We, the People" and so the cycle of our own national destruction develops a life of its own.

The national debt is in the trillions and state debt is in the billions. National and state governments play the numbers game and divert their own destruction by shifting their respective debt to future generations, showing less debt on paper, but the reality is that the debt and urgent issues continue and increase. It is a song & dance that our leaders have practiced and have adeptly succeeded at during the past several generations. It masks the reality and projects a false phantom of political, social and economic success.

In truth, Americans are sinking further into the muck we have created for ourselves. The American people show their anger and discontent, but there is no clear path to undoing the dilemma that has taken a century to develop. We no longer have the representative democracy and republic that our forefathers fought so hard to create. Our Constitution has been modified to protect and permit the wealthy elite to profit without any direct repercussions for their local, national and world-wide self-interests.

It now seems that our direction and plight have a life of its own. The questions remains how the people may apply the brakes on a runaway pro- government, corporate and military oligarchy and counter-productive system that is heading towards a giant chasm. Rationality dictates that the current process cannot continue without significant repercussions and results that will not only affect and possibly devastate the majority of Americans, but could also destroy the lives of those in power.

The only possible option is for the American people to stand up and vocalize their discontent and concerns to those who rule over us. Perhaps we cannot significantly apply the brakes to the current system and its directions, but perhaps we may slow the process slightly in small increments. To do nothing and to let the system to accelerated is to enable and ensure the total destruction of the nation we once loved and respected. If we do nothing, if we do NOT open our voices, then we are the source of our own demise. Without vocalizing our anger and discontent, we are doomed to regress even further and future generations --- our children's grandchildren --- will be forced to endure limited rights and they will struggle due to our own laziness and ineptness in pushing our leaders to act responsibly to the American people. Perhaps it is already too late for positive change and directions, but we may never know if we do not speak-up aggressively on a continuous basis. To do nothing is to give up and die. "United we stand, divided we fall."

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