Sunday, August 29, 2010

Hays County, TX is in Count-Down Mode

The Problems are Mounting Every Day

by Peter Stern

Hays County is in big trouble. From daily living costs to water preservation and consumption, to developing roadways and commercial developments, to permitting the over-building of housing and residential developments. We are in big trouble and the problems are not going away.

At best our current leadership is questionable. Several of our leaders are hiding behind political umbrellas and titles. House Representative Patrick Rose and Commissioner Jeff Barton are not true Democrats. Their actions and their wealthy campaign contributors show they are as modern Republican as you can get. As for Commissioners Karen Ford and Debbie Ingalsbe, they are poor examples of Democrat incumbents. They are lacking true leadership qualities that we can all be proud of. Commissioner and Republican Will Conley "blows hot and cold in one breath" as when he presents a list of budget tax cuts but then votes and pushes for a huge transportation bond issue that will cost taxpayers dearly. Hays County Judge and Democrat Liz Sumter is on her way out this November. Jeff Barton wants her job, but he is unworthy. His opponent is Dr. Bert Cobb, who would bring a long-needed fresh perspective on how to manage our growing community.

Unfortunately, the GOP is the same party it has been for the past 10 years, little has change. The party is still misguided and has no REAL candidates for voters to choose from, but because the Democrats are even more a mess and in shambles, the GOP may be able to get some seats back.

Our current leaders are part of the problems so many people are facing at the national, state and local levels. We are no different here in Hays County because we are becoming a bigger mess every day due to poor leadership, misinformation being circulated and the constant political game playing. There is no middle ground and I believe THAT is the biggest problem facing Republicans AND Democrats. Both parties are extremist parties even though many still call them conservative or liberal. We need well-grounded leadership to guide us through these financially depressed times.

Unfortunately, it is unlikely that either party will learn from its own stumbling negative history. It also is highly unlikely that the majority of people will be able to survive financially under EITHER party's rule. The games and greed must stop. The community good must become the foremost focus and Hays County must get back on-track.

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