Sunday, August 22, 2010

The American Dilemma

A pending economic and social catastrophe of epic proportions

by Peter Stern

The U.S. economy is riddled with wounds and blisters. Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae have plummeted in the market and it shows that housing still is in a world of hurt. It is difficult to comprehend why Obama and Congress permit the ongoing unemployment travesty, except it is clear that it is a maneuvering for the next several elections. Our economy cannot recover if millions of Americans are out of work. It’s just common sense that seems to be vacant among the thoughts of our leaders.

They seem willing to play their political games rather than fix what is broken, at the expense of U.S. citizens.

The truth is that the U.S. is doomed, only the "when?" remains. No civilization can withstand time and our nation is showing the signs of sinking in its own muck.

As I have often written here and on other blogs and news media, the U.S. no longer is a representative Democracy but is a Corporate/Military OLIGARCHY.

The majority of its people no longer is a concern or focus of our leadership. Short of a major revolution, which it seems no longer can occur here, the majority of us are doomed. While some may point a finger at my statements and shrug them off as some sort of "Doomsday Prophecy," the handwriting is on the wall, should we choose to see it.

Massive unemployment, estimated currently at 14 MILLION (and which I believe is a conservative estimate), is destroying our economic and social design. We all are shifting into another strata from which there is no apparent escape.

Unfortunately, there is no visible future or pending "paradigm" to hope for.

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