Thursday, June 10, 2010

What is Behind Israel's Illegal Persecution of Palestinians

Israel Must Stop Its Aggression

by Peter Stern

The primary reasons for the Palestinian War are that via Great Britain's Balfour Declaration of 1917 favored and supported Palestine as the new home of the Jewish people. The problem with this declaration and imperative is that Great Britain did NOT have a legal right to make that determination. Palestine was already settled by the indigenous Semite population who had been there for 1200 years. Naturally, the Jewish people could not settle in Palestine without illegally removing the people already living in those villages and on their properties.

For the most part, the Palestinians were removed aggressively from their properties via assaults by the Zionists who were determined to make Palestine the home of Jews regardless of any impedance. Consequently, the Zionists, with the support of Great Britain, the U.S. and other Western European nations, began the assault which forced an estimated 500,000 Palestinians to flee their homes and properties, fearing for their lives. Illegally and without any restitution, the Zionists permitted Jews to occupy land and structures previously owned by Palestinians stating that the people had left their homes and land and any claim to them. However, under the rules of the Geneva Convention, the act of leaving their homes and land did NOT provide the Jews with the legal authority to seize those properties as their own. Palestinians still had claims to their property but Israel refuses to acknowledge those rights.
So, what we have now in Palestine is extreme animosity against the State of Israel and the Zionist movement that forced Palestinians from their homes and properties. In addition, Israel now has forced Palestinians to live in small groups inside restricted areas and has placed a boycott on all goods and services marked for the Palestinian people. In addition, the Jewish population continues to develop settlements in Palestine that remain illegal in nature.

Israel continues to use the threat of Hamas as the means for continuing the boycott and to imprison the Palestinian population. Furthermore, Israel uses severe aggressive attacks to maintain its hold over Palestine, as per the recent Flotilla travesty, in its quest for Jewish expansion throughout Palestine and in essence push the Semite population into adjacent countries. Unfortunately, Israel's aggression against and inhumane treatment of the Palestinian population has been permitted by the United Kingdom, the United States and other Western nations.
Israel refuses to recognize the legal right of the Semite population to live and work in Palestine. It is for this reason that the Palestinian "War" continues. Since Israel is hell bent on its aggressive expansion and development in Palestine, the U.S. and the U.K. should be the world leaders to stop Israel from continuing its illegal agenda. As a means towards ending Israel's aggression, Western nations could cut or eliminate economic support to Israel until that nation acts in a more reasonable and legal manner that would ensure the greater chance of peace in Palestine and throughout the Middle East.

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