Friday, December 23, 2016

US abstains re: UN vote on Israel and the Settlements...

In response to the article re: the US abstaining in the UN vote on Israel and the Settlements:
When will people learn?  [rhetorical question]
Pres. Obama has been a renegade pretend American.  He is Islam and Muslim first and only.  For the US to abstain in the UN vote is a slap-in-the-face of Israel and it endangers the Middle East region and especially Israeli security.  Israel is surrounded on all sides by hostile enemies and it will do whatever necessary to protect itself.
Whatever further harm Obama can do to the US, the West and American Citizens, he will try to do before he leaves the White House.
Ultra-Libbies really need to open their eyes and try to comprehend what this man has done during his 8 years that negates our American culture and pushes his radical pro-Islam priorities and agendas.

WAKE-UP !!!  and smell the Starbucks!

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