Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Donald Trump wins the Presidency!

Another promise of change wins

Hopefully, this time it happens.  Last night was the finale of political revolution that is an evolutionary process since Obama won his first term.  He failed his promises.  GOP and Democrats are broken and – love or hate him – Donald Trump, master of opportunity, made it happen.

Many knew for a long time that the media and polls are manipulated by those who did not like Trump and had no reality how angry American people felt about Washington DC, the Obama administration and of the Clinton/Bush dynasties.  We have had enough and it came to fruition last night with a huge statement.

You don't have to study the election polls to know what happened.  The polls were manipulated by those in control.  The media tried to manipulate the American people, but it didn't work completely.  Americans are sick and tired of endless promises that didn't materialized.  Americans are tired of being placed on the back burners.  They are tired of fighting and stagnancy in Washington.  This wasn't an "upset" victory if you were looking past the controllers, but it is a huge victory for the American people.

The mainstay GOP and ultra-liberal Democrats better toe the line and get behind Donald Trump as President if they finally comprehend what is good for themselves and the American people.  Best of luck to President Trump and VP Pence and hopefully as a nation we will get back on-track.

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