Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Myth of Affordable Health Care...

Obama and legislators lied to us.  

The insurance industry still manipulates the marketplace.  There is no affordable health care.  We were better off before Obamacare and it was tough enough then.

Once again I reviewed over 100 health care plans as I have for the past several months and none of them are worth anything.  They are not affordable.  They suck.  The monthly premiums are too high and the yearly deductibles are too high.  Middle class people are screwed the most because they really have no way to afford it. 

The wealthy can always afford health care for themselves and their family.

The poor will be given government subsidy for private health care or they will go on Medicaid.

Even the elderly will pay more for their Medicare.  Most can't afford it now because they are on fixed income only (Social Security or Disability).  Cost of Living Adjustments (COLA's) are not sufficient to keep up with inflation and higher costs of living because COLA's are based on old incorrect formulas.

However, the remnants of the dwindling middle class are being hurt the most. A lot more people will go into bankruptcy when they need health care services and can't pay for them.  More people will opt to be hunted down by the government to pay the penalty for not having health care.  People will simply say... “We can't pay for this... Come and get us.”

We are in the midst of an American tragedy.  What happened to this nation?  We are such a mess.  What a shame.  Where have all the good leaders gone???

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