Sunday, January 13, 2013

Treatment for The Public Education Merry-go-Round...

It fascinates me that legislators continue to believe and tell the public that they "aim to ensure quality" of public education. They simply do NOT know how to do that and they do NOT have the training to do that. Neither do business people who constantly direct legislators on how to provide quality to public education and who in turn are asked to join committees on public education. Neither can The State Board of Education, which is too political and special interest driven to do it.
Only parents, students, school administrators and teachers have the knowledge and/or training to get public education back on track.
The SBOE should be dismantled. School-Based Management should replaced the SBOE at each district because management should be at the local level.
Get rid of the nonsense State tests that prove nothing about what a child has learned. Educational progress should be determined by the schools via a child's entire record by each teacher who observes each child and administers tests in the classroom. Teach learning for learning's sake and not for some obscure and unsubstantiated test. Help children better learn the basics: reading, writing and mathematics.
Treat teachers as professionals, give them a reasonable salary and ensure they get the proper training. Provide mentors, a.k.a., established teachers, for every new teacher hired into the system. Parents should be involved in their children's learning. Establish business collaboratives so children may be mentored by members of the business community.
All of these things will provide a better quality of education.

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