Monday, December 17, 2012

TxDOT sugarcoats its toll revenue...

We’re being told that TxDOT will be in the “black” and making toll profits by 2014. I doubt it. No matter how you try to sugarcoat toll roads, they are an abomination to communities in every way imaginable. Tolls are simply new and additional taxes. People think you only pay tolls if you use the road, but that's not true. We all pay tolls even if we don't use them. We pay additional costs added to goods and services when providers add their toll costs to our purchases and we also pay for road bonds with our property taxes.

In addition, we are manipulated by toll authorities who do not need to get any approval to increase toll costs. Furthermore, tolls are usually forever. Tolls are supposed to stop when the roads are paid for, but I only know of 2 times when that has occurred in our nation: once for a small road in Dallas and once for a parkway in New York City.

Toll roads being started on North MoPac are NOT needed. They will NOT improve traffic flow. They will be added out of greed, not purpose. Capital of Texas Hwy (360) at Hwy 290 needs overpass routes and ones are needed at MoPac and Slaughter Lane, but TxDOT whines poverty and doesn't do it. Reason: TxDOT wants to put in toll lanes at both sites.

TxDOT whines poverty for projects except when it "finds" $320 MILLION to add to the proposed MoPac toll project. We are surrounded by corruption. Texans should wake up and smell the Starbuck's!!! You will leave your children and grandchildren with mega toll costs, while tolling agents make 80 percent off the top of toll collections.

Don't drive on toll roads and contact your state house reps and senators to stop the bloated toll mentality!

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