Sunday, July 17, 2011


In response to: “Should Perry take credit for the Texas Economy”

title is from article:

Perry should get everything coming to him

by Peter Stern

What is so great about the Texas economy? I have to laugh when Texans and Perry try to point out that Texas is better off than other states. Even if it’s true, so what?

  • More Texans are unemployed than since the Great Depression
  • Texans earn the lowest income of other states with the exception of Mississippi
  • Texas, as other states, is spending much more than it is “earning” via taxes and other income
  • Governor Perry is living in a luxury home that taxpayers have to rent for $11,000 per month
  • Texas homeowners pay the highest property taxes proportionately than any other state
  • Texas homeowners pay the highest home insurance in the nation after Florida
  • After Perry pushed for and got deregulation of electricity and higher education tuition, costs skyrocketed in each sector
  • Costs of health care have risen each year in Texas and residents are paying the highest costs ever in the state’s history
  • Perry has no qualms blowing away $2 million dollars for each special session he calls. Several years ago he called for 4 at a cost of $8 million
  • Currently Texas has the highest number of foreclosures than ever before in its history
  • Perry makes outlandish deals with businesses and says it is in the best interests of the Texas community when it really is not, e.g., giving Toyota tax breaks and then the company did not hire the number of Texans promised
  • Texas is almost last on the list of providing a quality public education for our children.

And let’s not forget big mouth Perry was a Democrat before turning into one of the most "conservative" Republicans in Texas. He abuses his authority as Governor by demanding things that infringe on the hard-fought rights of Texans, that all young girls must get the PPV vaccination. Perry has been one of the most special interest driven governor Texas has ever had.

So, in answer to the question “Should Perry take credit for the [poor] Texas economy” I say “Heck yes!”


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